UL Listed Closed Cell Sponge Rubber with Adhesive

3d-ULSpongeRubber.pngMany users of sponge rubber products for sealing are unaware that UL guidelines dictate that when adhesive is applied to sponge rubber the chemistry has been changed. Essentially, this creates a new product which must be tested and pass UL standards.

To help solve this issue, CGR Products has three sponge/adhesive combinations that are listed to UL JMLU2 standards and are suitable for UL50E applications.

Below are our three combinations to help you identify the best solution for your application.

  • Armacell EPDM sponge with Avery Dennison 702P high-performance acrylic adhesive
  • Armacell Neoprene blend sponge with 3M acrylic adhesive.
  • Monmouth Neoprene blend sponge with 3M rubber based adhesive.

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